Mode Guide Basic

The Counter Strike Online update on October 10, 2012 will provide the latest update Mode, Basic Mode and DeathMatch Gun which will definitely make the game much more exciting and different.


Basic Mode

Basic mode is the most basic and easiest mode to play. because this mode is a combined mode between Original mode and deathamatch team mode. although basic mode is a combined mode, there are many differences in this mode. below the differences will be explained :

1. No Wall bang (The bullet is not through the wall)
Unlike the original mode or the deathmatch team where some bullets fired by certain weapons can penetrate the wall but in basic mode it cannot be done.

2. Small recoil ( Shots are more accurate )
Are Soldiers hard to kill enemies? if yes then Basic Mode you will really like because with a small recoil your shot will be much more accurate and easy to control.

Test Weapon CV-47
Basic Mode

3. No stuttering when shot
If in Original mode or Team Deathmatch, you are hit by a shot so you will find it difficult to escape because your road is choked up. but in basic mode even though you are shot you can run smoothly and can escape.

4. Buy Weapon like team Deathmatch
In Basic mode there is no such thing as buying weapons because at the start of the game you will choose weapons that are used like the deathmatch team, in this mode also you do not get money when killing enemies or the beginning of the game.


5. Grenade trail ( A trail of grenade throws )
Here if you throw a grenade, you will see a trace of the grenade, so you can know where the enemy is throwing the grenade.


6. Can only use two grenades
In basic mode you can only use two grenades. that is one default grenade (automatic) HE grenade and another one you can choose between HE grenade, Flashbang grenade and Smoke grenade.


7. All Terorrists have C4 and all Terrorist Counter have Defuse Kit
if in Original mode there is only one person who has C4 and you have to buy a defuse kit. In this mode all of you will automatically have it.

8. Hit Crosshair
If you shoot and your shot hits the enemy, the hit crosshair will come out in red.


9. New Ingame information
You will see a new scoreboard, a new Map, a new Team Viewer, the latest information, C4 information, etc. Press V in the game to show the new team viewer so that the friend will be tagged on his head.


So with so many differences and ease over the soldier there will be no more difficulties in defeating his enemies. especially coupled with various kinds of weapons updates that will make your war equipment more complete.

Nickname Rank Level
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Clan Level Exp
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BanciKalengClub 15 229497
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versioN 203456
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