Developer Note February 27th, 2019

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Greetings Soldiers,

This is Counter Strike Online development team.

We would like to give you some guidance on user-level changes, which take up a large part in this update.
We think that the user level system is valuable because it is a record and effort that users have gathered for a long time playing Counter strike online. The purpose of this reorganization is to make these efforts more valuable and provide users better experience. We would like to introduce you to the changes that will be made.

The first objective of this reorganization is to increase satisfaction and motivation of game play.
In the past, as the level increased, the amount of experience needed to level up rose very steeply, making it difficult to level up.

The second objective is to enhance rewards for game play.
Previously provided level-up rewards had a long acquisition period and low value, which is not a satisfying reward for your game play. Therefore, in order to improve this, the compensation period will be changed so that more valuable rewards are acquired more frequently.

In the future, you will receive a reward for every level up, and you will get more rewards than usual at regular intervals like 5th / 10th level up. You will also receive special upgrades if your rank is promoted, and you will receive more rewards and special decorations when you achieve special records, such as 1,000 levels / 10,000 levels. we sincerely hope that this will make our users feel more satisfied as you play the game and raise the levels.

For these purposes, this patch applies to the following:

  • Level / Rank system is reorganized.

From this update, levels and ranks will be separated into two different systems. Each time you gain a certain (required) amount of experience through play time, the level rises. Levels can be infinitely increased without any limit, and thus you can set long-term goals. Each time the level rises, the rank increases by one level. The rank is divided into 1 ~ 100 levels, and if it exceeds 100 levels, it is reset to 1 level again. This is called upgrading, and you can earn a lot of upgrade rewards every time you achieve an upgrade. In this way, you can check the level of achievement of the game play in the long term, and you can check the target for the short-term compensation acquisition.

  • The current level of the users will change according to the system being changed.

As the amount of experience required for level-up is adjusted and the level and ranks are adjusted, the level and rank of the current players will be changed. As the level-up difficulty drops after patching, this amount adjustment is the procedure that will keep the reflection of your previous efforts. The level that is changed depends on the level and experience you have achieved before the patch, and the adjusted levels will all be increased compared to previous levels. After patching, you can check the changed level and rank.

  • Experience-related systems, items are adjusted.

Existing experience bonus system through items and weapons will be rebalanced, adjusted to this patch. The bonus offered is greatly reduced, but the player's experience gaps are also reduced. For those who still have those bonus experience system will be able to use it but with reduced balance. We appreciate your understanding that the contents are applied so that you can enjoy the level up.

As the level system has been changed as above, we would like to thank the users for their love and effort as they played the game. “Giveaway event” proceeds. You can also check the related information on the 2/27 patch announcement.

We are making various changes, including level changes, to provide you with even more fun Counter Strike Online.
If you have any idea or inconvenience at any time, please let us know and we will listen to your feedback and give you our best effort. As you are now, I would like to ask you for your interest and affection.

Thank you.

Nickname Rank Level
FpFNoNaMa 72
versioN 72
AOHmagix 72
GlenMorenZi 72
Clan Level Exp
FpFMaStEr 19 449310
Cappuccino 19 412046
ConseptGOMII 18 397348
KnightOfTheZodiac 18 390412
BanciKalengClub 15 229497
Nickname Kill
SoEIDeJourNa 365155
JandaNekat 355338
versioN 203456
JhonStallone 177730