HUD Improvements

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Greetings Soldier, 

This is Counter-Strike Online Developers.

We have witnessed many reports of users regarding the HUD Improvements that was recently implemented in Korea (12/13 (Thu)) . After analyzing the reports, we have deduced that HUD Improvements Lack the original purpose of ‘improving information delivery’. Starting from 1/10(Thu) patch, we wish to further and continuously improve the HUD. 

1/10(Thu) 1st improval 
-    Kill Log Improvement
-    Scoreboard Improvement
-    Font visibility Improvement

To be improved in near future
-    Dollar Sign improvement
-    UI Change in Specific modes
-    Other related improvements

The development team are currently collecting various reports from CSO users, 
And we look forward to hearing from you.

Never Fall Back. Thank you.

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