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Salute Soldier,

On march 13th, 2019 Counter-Strike Online will have new Update which is New Transcendent Weapon (Thunder Ghost Walker), also Event (Weekend Ultimate Hot Time Event, Daily Report, Build Magnum Launcher, Season Worker, Find The Zombie, Family Reunion, Invisible Lightning).

Update March 13th, 2019

On March 13th, 2019, the Counter-Strike Online presented New Transcendent Weapon (Thunder Ghost Walker)

New Transcendent Weapon

Thunder Ghost Walker

Thunder Ghost Walker is a One-Shot Pistol that uses a special bullet Caliber .50 and is equipped with an optical transparency system. When Ghost Walker disappears from the eye, an invisible fear begins to be felt.

* The Crosshairs will light up when you hit your target
* Unlimited use of spare ammo in Scenario Mode

* It forms a magnetic field that slows the movement of the enemy at certain radius around the point of impact.
* Right-click to enter or exit transparent mode.
* The ghost shot triggered in the transparent mode is counted as a headshot.


Thunder Ghost Walker can be obtained from Top 50 Premium Decoder and Top 50 Unlimited Premium Decoder until April 5th, 2019. The remaining Top 50 Premium Decoders and Top 50 Unlimited Premium Decoders will be removed on maintenance April 5, 2019.

Other Update

  • Add Magnum Launcher and Thunder Ghost Walker into New Classic/Standard Weapon Restriction.

Here's the new ingame event for CSO :

Event #1: Weekend Ultimate Hot Time

BonusEXP + POINT 300%(If playing in Warnetku900%) by playing on Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 - 16.00 WIB during the event period, this bonus runs in all modes and maps.

Event Period  : March 13th - March 27th, 2019 before maintenance.

Event #2: Daily Report

It's Daily Report, let's login on Every Monday - Friday to get a FREE Brand Top 30 Decoder! You will get 1 Brand Top 30 Decoders every 30 Minutes (Max 3 Brand Top 30 Decoder everyday) on 12.00 - 15.00 WIB & 18.00 - 21.00 WIB.

Event Period  :Every Monday - Friday at 12.00 - 15.00 WIB & 18.00 - 21.00 WIB.

Event #3: New Battlefield Supply Login

Come login to CSO to get 50 Mileage Points daily. Achieve accumulated attendance at Battlefield Supply to get the following rewards :

Total Days Reward
5 Days Dual Barette Gunslinger (7 Days)
7 Days Magnum Launcher (7 Days)
15 Days 1 Box Parts 5
25 Days 1 Box Parts 6

Event Period  : March 13th - April 4th, 2019

Event #4: Build Scanner License Test

Play CSO Studio mode (Creation mode) for 30 minutes for 5 days to get the Build Scanner License. Build Scanner License is needed to be able to use the Build Scanner in Studio Mode.

Event Period  : 7 February 2018 ~

Event #5: Build Minigun License Test

Play CSO Studio mode (Play Mode) for 30 minutes for 5 days to get the Build Minigun License. Build MinigunLicense is needed to be able to use Build Minigun in Studio Mode.

Event Period  : 7 February 2018 ~

Event #6: Season Worker

Play CSO in any mode for 30 minutes to get 3 Season Badges (4 Season Badges if playing in Warnetku).

Condition :

  • Max you can get up to 12 Season Badges (16 Season Badges if playing in Warnetku) daily.

Event Period  :  January 30th, 2019 ~

Event #7: Find The Zombie Event

Find Zombies disguised as humans. To start the event press the "Finding Zombie Event" button in the bottom corner. Following are the procedures for this event:
- There are 16 characters to be shot, including 12 Zombies and 4 Humans.
- 1 Bullet is needed to shoot.
- Can get 1 Bullet every time you play for 15 minutes in any mode (Max 10 Bullets in 1 day). 8 people or more required in the room.
- Bullets can also be purchased through a shop. 1 Bullet for 900 Mi-Cash. 10 Bullets for 9000 Mi-Cash. 30 Bullets for 25,000 Mi-Cash. 50 Bullets for 40,000 Mi-Cash.
- When shooting Zombies will increase the grade of the prize and provide the opportunity to shoot again.
- When shooting Human, the prize grade will drop and the game will finish. Must take the prize first before you can start the game again.
- Click surrender to stop playing and take the prize according to the grade at that time.
- Prizes that can be obtained according to the grade of the box below:

Grade Box Reward

Copper Box

50 Mileage Points
100 Mileage Points
300 Mileage Points
3 Round Retry
5 Large Medical Kit
3 Battle Revival
Damage Display (10 Days)
Damage Display (30 Days)

Silver Box

100 Mileage Points
200 Mileage Points
500 Mileage Points
5 Season Badges
10 Season Badges
Lucky Gunslinger (7 Days)
M3 Black Dragon (3 Days)
Dual Sword Phantom Slayer (3 Days)



Gold Box

Transcendent Fernando (10 Days)
Transcendent Blair (10 Days)
1000 Mileage Point
M3 Black Dragon (7 Days)
Dual Sword Phantom Slayer (7 Days)
Magnum Launcher (3 Days)
Claymore Mine MDS (Permanent)
Arm Torch (Permanent)

Best Gold Box
Dual Sword Phantom Slayer (Permanent) +
Python Desperado (Permanent) +
Red Dragon Cannon (Permanent)

Condition :

  • 8 People or more required in a room to get bullet
  • Will get one of the prizes randomly from according to the Box grade (Except for Best Gold Box). If you get Best Gold Box, you will get all the prizes in the Best Gold Box.

Event Period  :  March 13th - Maret 27th, 2019 before maintenance

Event #8: Family Reunion Event

Let's play CSO with your Family. You will get the following weapon when playing with Family members in one room according to the specified amount. The weapons will disappear when you log out, but the event can be done again after logging in to get the weapon back

Family Member in the room Reward
4 Members AUG Guardian + M3 Black Dragon
8 Members Dual Sword Phantom Slayer
12 Members Dual Beretta Gunslinger
16 Members Magnum Launcher + M249 Phoenix + Holy Sword Divin Crusader

Condition :

  • Minimum Level 20.
  • Prizes are obtained when Family members play in one room.
  • Prizes obtained are cumulative.
  • The event is reset after relogin.

Event Period  : March 13th - Maret 27th, 2019 before maintenance

Event #9: Invisible Lightning

Use 210 Top 50 Premium Decoder or 35 Top 50 Unlimited Premium Decoder to get Thunder Ghost Walker (Permanent)

Condition :

  • Reward can only be obtained once

Event Period  :  March 13th - April 5th, 2019 before maintenance

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